Great Hall Foyer

The astonishing sensation of spaciousness that one experiences in the Gewandhaus's expansive Great Hall Foyer is not solely due to the vast glazing that affords unbroken transparency in all directions; the magnificent view of the Augustusplatz and the unique architecture of the columns dominating the 20m high Foyer imbue it with an exceedingly attractive ambience for events of many kinds.

The 2,400m2 ground floor of the Great Hall Foyer provides the ideal environment for banquets, informative events, press conferences and exhibitions.

Adjoining rooms, for instance the Consultation Room and the Arthur Nikisch Room, are available in order to provide your guests with the opportunity to retire.

With the addition of the second level (Barlach Foyer) and third level (Gallery Foyer), the Great Hall Foyer is able to accommodate a total of 2,000 persons. All three levels are furnished with bistro bars, the capacity of which can be complemented by mobile counters as required.

The Great Hall Foyer can be temporarily furnished with an almost limitless variety of seating and tables to suit your wishes.

Audiovisual and lighting requirements can be fully catered for by the employment of an extensive range of mobile equipment directly linked to the Gewandhaus's studios. 

The public cloakroom is situated on the ground floor of the Foyer.

The entrance to the Great Hall Foyer is connected to the underground car park by means of a roofed walkway.