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An enormous proportion of the active support afforded to the Gewandhausorchester is born of people's enthusiasm and passion for our art and for our endeavours - this is the highest recognition for our work we can receive. We are exceedingly proud to stride into the future alongside such strong partners who share our passion for music and, in the most various of ways, actively share in the responsibility for the artistic life of the Gewandhaus.

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A partnership in its purest form requires two parties. The miraculous thing is, of course, that the sum of one plus one is often not simply two, but far, far more.

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Whether as a private individual or as a company, every donation you make contributes directly and significantly to the Gewandhausorchester's mission to delight its guests, all Leipzigers and international audiences on its concert tours around the globe. Your idealism and generosity enables the Gewandhausorchester to foster tradition, cultivate new artistic impulses, offer musical diversity and realise innovative projects.


Society of Friends of the Gewandhaus

"We support our Gewandhausorchester with trumpets and drums!"
Join us in our valuable work and become a member of the Society of Friends of the Gewandhaus zu Leipzig e.V.!

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American friends of the LGO

The Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra is one of Germany's oldest and finest orchestras. Founded over 250 years ago, the orchestra remains a prominent force in the European classical music scene. To this day, the Gewandhaus Orchestra excels true to its motto "Res severa verum gaudium" ("True pleasure is a serious business"), inscribed on the majestic organ in the Great Hall of the Leipzig Gewandhaus. Due to an increasing number of tours to the United States, the desire to form an American Society of Friends of the Gewandhaus Orchestra was expressed. The orchestra's U.S. tour for the 2009/2010 season will now mark the commencement of the "American Friends of the Gewandhaus Orchestra Leipzig".

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