Your health is our absolute priority!

Hygiene regulations for concert patrons

Together it is our responsibility to facilitate a stimulating yet carefree concert experience for you in the Gewandhaus.

To this end we offer you not only our inimitable Gewandhausorchester and an exceptional array of world-class guest artists, but also numerous precautionary measures to ensure your safety and good health:

  • The air in our concert halls is completely renewed three times per hour.
  • In the Great Hall concertgoers sit between ascending air ‘veils’ which flow out of the top of the backrest of each seat, transporting audience members’ breath upwards where it is then extracted through the hall ceiling.
  • In the Great Hall CO2 levels are monitored constantly.
  • After approximately one hour you can enjoy your interval drink in comfort and safety while we fully ventilate the auditorium.
  • In the gastronomical areas the number of guests is restricted.
  • Chamber music concerts have no interval and last 60-70 minutes.
  • At Gewandhaus-promoted events we leave sufficient distance between seats in each row, therefore allowing masks to be removed on commencement of the concert.
  • In order to ease social distancing to your fellow concertgoers we have assigned the various stairways in the foyers to particularly directions of walking. In addition, the entrances and exits to the gastronomical areas are clearly marked.
  • Numerous disinfectant dispensers are provided to aid hand hygiene.
  • At our bars you can pay contactless.
  • We also facilitate contactless payment when buying your concert programme by means of ‘honesty boxes’.

In order to safeguard your own personal health, as well as that of your fellow concertgoers, you are required to comply with the following precautionary measures:

We kindly ask for your understanding should our service personnel deem it necessary to remind you of any hygiene measures to be observed.

  • Prerequisite for the purchase of tickets is the registration of patrons’ full name, address and telephone number, for the purpose of potentially tracing chains of infection. All personal data will be deleted three weeks after the event in question.*
  • The Gewandhaus opens 1 hour prior to the commencement of concerts. Exceptions: on 30 and 31 October the foyers will be opened 30 minutes prior to the concerts.
  • Patrons attending a pre-concert talk are permitted to enter the Gewandhaus one hour before commencement of the concert.
  • Please do not come to the Gewandhaus if you are experiencing any of the known symptoms of COVID-19. According to the Robert Koch Institute these are: high temperature, cough, cold, sore throat, head ache, sore limbs, gastrointestinal complaints, loss of the sense of smell or taste.
  • Please wear your face mask, concealing both mouth and nose, in the Gewandhaus.

    • At Gewandhaus-promoted events (Veranstalter: Gewandhaus zu Leipzig printed on the tickets and stated on the website) masks may be removed on commencement of the concert. Masks must be worn again on leaving one’s seat, as well as from the end of the concert.
    • In the gastronomical areas masks may, of course, be removed.
    • Non-Gewandhaus-promoted events may be subject to differing hygiene concepts.

In the case of increased infection rates the regulations regarding the wearing of mouth and nose coverings at Gewandhaus-promoted events may be modified. Further information can be found below.

  • For the purpose of potentially necessary contact tracing we kindly require you to register your contact details on entering the gastronomical areas.
  • Patrons in possession of certification verifying they are, for medical reasons, not able to wear a face mask are required to wear a visor, without which entrance cannot be granted.
  • Please adhere to the established social distancing guideline of 1.5m to other persons.
  • We are not able to offer a cloakroom service. Please deposit coats and other items of outdoor clothing on the vacant seat adjacent to your own.

Measures to take effect in the case of exceedance of the infection incidence rate subject to the Saxony Corona Protection Decree of 21 October 2020:

In order to fulfil the necessary hygiene requirements, should Leipzig become subject to significantly increased infection rates, the following additional measures will come into effect. The applicable infection incidence rate is published on the Saxony State Government website.

  • From a rate of 20 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants the audience size will be reduced to 1000. In addition, the wearing of a mouth and nose covering will be compulsory at all times. This applies to concerts and events, the tickets for which were available for purchase prior to the COVID pandemic, therefore not allowing for distancing in the seating of persons belonging to different households (primarily non-Gewandhaus-promoted events).
  • From a rate of 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants the audience size will be reduced to a maximum of 1000.
  • From a rate of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants the audience size will be reduced to a maximum of 1000. In addition, our gastronomical service will be suspended, concert intervals will be limited to a duration of 15 minutes and the wearing of a mouth and nose covering will be compulsory at all times.

* The provision of this data on the part of the patron is voluntary in accordance with Article 6, Paragraph 1, Letter a of the General Data Protection Regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany.