Chamber music & Film

Outstanding films not only touch us emotionally through their images, but also with their music. That has been demonstrated for the tenth year in a row by the series of Chamber Music and Film. The fruitful relationship between the Gewandhaus and the Schaubühne Film Theatre in the Lindenfels borough of Leipzig has created a delightful combination of concert and film while getting Gewandhaus fans together with film enthusiasts outside of their regular localities. Musicians and heroes of the silver screen complement one another to create a very special enjoyment for the ears and eyes in the dreamlike atmosphere of the old dance hall in the Schaubühne in Lindenfels. 

Four concerts with the films:

  • Auch Henker sterben (Hangmen Also Die, 1943)
  • The Tango Lesson (1997)
  • Night on Earth (1991) and
  • Effi Briest (1974)