Music Workshop

Each of the enormously varied creative projects that comprise the Music Workshop has the same overriding objectives:

  • the development of trust in one's own creativity
  • the development of the desire to experiment with music
  • the creation of one's own, personal sound world
  • the presentation of the results in live performance in professional conditions in the Gewandhaus

In order to achieve these objectives, children and young people work closely over an extended period of time with musicians of the Gewandhausorchester and other leading Leipzig artists. By the end of the project, the young participants will have created genuine works of art of their own, be they compositions, choreographies, films or audio plays. These are then presented to the public, for instance in the form of a concluding presentation in the Gewandhaus foyers or as a fully staged feature of a Family Concert. All Impuls creative projects are conducted on a workshop basis and take place either in the participating school or institution, or in the Gewandhaus itself.

School performances in Family Concerts

Some Family Concerts in the Gewandhaus feature a performance by a class of a Leipzig primary school. Under the guidance of the Impuls team, the children spend a period of several weeks discovering the intimate depths of one of the pieces to be performed in the concert, finding their own unique way of accessing the music's inner meaning. The resulting scenic performance is presented to the audience in the Main Foyer of the Gewandhaus as a dramatic prelude to the Family Concert.