Zwerg Concerts

For children from the age of 5

'Zwerg' (dwarf...!) Concerts are aimed specifically at pre-school children and pupils in the first year of primary school, whom we provide a first, enthralling taste of the incomparable live concert experience. We introduce the children to a range of musical instruments and demonstrate their function in the orchestra. Having encouraged the children to dance to the music we perform, we then, at the end of the concert, welcome them to be as inquisitive as they like and try out the instruments for themselves! The musical content of the Zwerg Concerts varies throughout the season, taking the audiences on a journey across a range of different thematic focuses and instrumental groups.

Dates and tickets

  • The dates of all forthcoming Zwerg Concerts can be found here

  • Zwerg Concerts take place in the Mendelssohn Hall at 9 am

  • Duration: approx. 45 minutes

  • Tickets: €4 per person

Group orders

Claudia Szemeitat
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