Dr. Harald Langenfeld, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sparkasse Leipzig

Leipzig is a city of music. Both the unparalleled, vital tradition and the desire to break new ground contribute to create an atmosphere in which musicians and music lovers alike are inspired and enthused.

The Gewandhaus Orchestra is our city's musical ambassador of most extraordinary distinction, masterfully combining these two potent sources of artistic inspiration - tradition and audacity - projecting the result into the world. Without the Gewandhaus and its musicians, our city would be like an orchestra without instruments.

The Gewandhaus Orchestra's origin as the oldest civic symphony orchestra in the world represents a strong parallel to the Sparkasse Leipzig - our bank was also founded on the initiative of the city's citizens.

It is, therefore, both a pleasure and a duty for us to support the Gewandhaus as Global Partner, in order to perpetuate and foster Leipzig's preeminent international reputation as city of music.