American Friends of the LGO

It is the mission of the American Friends to raise awareness and funds for the Gewandhaus Orchestra so that it may continue travelling to the United States and enriching American communities with its musical excellence and unique sound.The American Friends strive to promote, cultivate and advance the American public interest in the Gewandhaus Orchestra and the exceptional musical history of the city of Leipzig.

Contributions help to underwrite the Gewandhaus Orchestra's tours to the U.S. and provide material support to the orchestra for its activities there. Thus, the Gewandhaus Orchestra will be able to present an increasing variety of concerts and programs to the American public, furthering the intensive academic musical exchange between the U.S. and the city of Leipzig.The orchestra's U.S. tour for the 2009/2010 season marked the commencement of the "American Friends of the Gewandhaus Orchestra Leipzig".


Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wegen LL.M.

Telefon +49 711 8997 156
Fax +49 711 855096

Miriam Sühnel
Assistentin der Gewandhausdirektion

Telefon +49 341 1270 330
Fax +49 341 1270 400