Directions & parking

Coming by train

When you arrive at the Leipzig Main Train Station, leave the building through the East Hall, cross the street straight ahead at the traffic light and go up Goethestraße. You will reach the Gewandhaus after about 5 minutes.

Coming by passenger car

If you are coming from the south with the A9 Motorway, the best way is to follow the Leipzig West Exit. In contrast, if you are coming from the north, take the turn at Schkeuditzer Kreuz (Schkeuditz Intersection) onto the A14 Motorway in the direction of Dresden and follow the Leipzig Mitte (Leipzig City Centre) Exit. Anyone coming from the German cities of Dresden or Halle on the A14 Motorway should also exit at the Leipzig City Centre Exit. After the exit, you go in the direction of Leipzig Zentrum/Hauptbahnhof (Leipzig Centre/Main Train Station) and there are signs directing you to the Tiefgarage Augustusplatz (Underground Garage at Augustus Square).