Gewandhaus Sponsors Club

The formation of strategic partnerships is of fundamental importance to the Leipzig Gewandhaus. The Gewandhausorchester Sponsors Club provides the perfect environment for such associations to flourish. Commercial interests play, naturally, a significant role; of paramount importance, however, are participation in and identification with the values the Orchestra lives to the full each day on stage. We offer passion and tradition, as well as considerable flexibility towards the requirements and orientation of each individual partner.

The innovative, modular conception of the sponsorship comprises numerous elements, guaranteeing optimal corporate presentation of the sponsor's particular and unique profile. To this end we differentiate between Classic, Advanced, Premium and Global Partners, reflecting the individual level of commitment. All four categories of membership of the Sponsors Club convey an exceedingly positive image, both enhancing the value of the brand in question and affording the partner access to the inestimable benefits of this extraordinary commercial and philanthropic network.