Partners & patrons

Responsibility and passion

An enormous proportion of the active support afforded to the Gewandhausorchester is born of people's enthusiasm and passion for our art and for our endeavours - this is the highest recognition for our work we can receive. We are exceedingly proud to stride into the future alongside such strong partners who share our passion for music and, in the most various of ways, actively share in the responsibility for the artistic life of the Gewandhaus.

Whether by means of a donation, membership of the Society of Friends of the Gewandhaus, as a sponsor or seat patron: your commitment supports the Gewandhaus in its mission to foster existing tradition, to create and nurture new artistic impulses, to offer musical diversity and to implement innovative projects.

Become the sponsor of a seat

With each concert you attend, you demonstrate to us how important both the Gewandhaus and music are to you. You associate no end of remarkable moments with the concerts you have attended at the Gewandhaus and many of you can relate moving stories about your experiences.

Transform your passion into a visible and tangible memory and immortalise it in the Gewandhaus Great Hall. By assuming a chair sponsorship for a period of two or more years, you not only show your enduring devotion to the Gewandhaus, its ensembles and artists, you also support the continuing artistic mission of the Gewandhaus.

Choose your desired seat today

Make your support visible with a name plaque. Alternatively, you can make a gift of your sponsorship, dedicating it to a classical music lover among your family and friends. As a company, you have the opportunity to prominently display your commitment to culture by taking on the sponsorship of a seat, or even of an entire row. With your sponsorship you support the social and educational mission of the Gewandhaus.


Touristic Partners

The Gewandhausorchester works in close cooperation with TMGS, Tourismus Marketing Gesellschaft Sachsen mbH and LTM, Leipzig Tourismus Marketing GmbH. As one of the most internationally renowned orchestras - on tour around the globe, at home in Leipzig - we work together with our tourism partners to ensure that the unique culture of Leipzig and Saxony is brought to the world. We are extremely grateful for this long-standing and successful collaboration.


Touristic Partners