Dr. Frank Appel, Chairman of the Board of Directors, DHL

Friedrich Nietzsche hit, quite simply, the nail on the head: "Without music, life would be an aberration.“ Music is, for me, equally indispensable. The works of the great composers, brought to life by inspired musicians, take us on sonic journeys capable of touching the deepest reaches of our beings.

The concerts of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra - an ensemble of quite exceptional tradition and unique culture - are the source of such indescribable, unforgettable moments. This pinnacle of artistic endeavour can, however, only be achieved by means of perfect teamwork: not only during the concerts, but also in the transport of over 100 precious, sometimes priceless instruments, stage equipment, music and concert dress from one concert to the next.

The safe, punctual, perfect climatic transportation of such sensitive freight requires meticulous planning, effective coordination and a fine instinct on the part of all concerned during the entire transport chain.

DHL, the Gewandhaus's Official Logistics Partner, has a genuinely worldwide transport network at its disposal, as well as the requisite expertise for the impeccable discharge of this considerable responsibility. We have taken enormous pleasure in the organisation and execution of the Gewandhaus's transport requirements since 2005, ensuring the Orchestra's equipment's punctual arrival on tours across Europe, Asia and North America. Whether La Scala, Milan or Carnegie Hall, New York: we exploit our entire prowess and experience in the cause of the safe carriage of the Gewandhaus Orchestra's irreplaceable instruments.

It is a considerable honour for us to continue to support the Gewandhaus Orchestra in the future by way of perfectly harmonious logistics.