Group orders

Long-term planning of your visit

In order to facilitate your long-term planning, we circulate our travel preview for tour operators and other major customers in the summer prior to the year in question. From that point on, we are happy to receive your written orders and register your reservations in advance. Please inform us if you would like to be added to the distribution register.

Advance booking and reservation conditions for groups of 15 persons or more


For Gewandhaus promoted events

Once we have processed your order, you will receive a binding offer from us stating the number of tickets, the price and the reservation period expiry date. The reservation period usually expires 8-12 weeks before the event in question (particular conditions apply to the Mahler Festival 2023). Up to this expiry date, a contingent withdrawal or reduction is permissible without charge. If you do not contact us to this effect, we will issue a binding invoice on expiry of the reservation period. Tickets cannot be returned free-of-charge after the invoice has been issued. After receipt of payment, the tickets will be sent to you by post (for a fee) or free-of-charge by e-mail. Please inform us of your delivery preference.

Written enquiries regarding ticket availability are welcome at any time during the season in progress. If we are unable to offer you either the desired contingent of tickets or the desired price category immediately, we will be happy to place you on our waiting list and inform you automatically should the desired tickets become available.

Due to the particularly high demand, the following concerts are subject to individualised reservation periods:

  • Performances of JS Bach’s Christmas Oratorio in St. Thomas’s Church in mid-December, Große Concerte at the turn of the year featuring Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, Große Concerte in the Bachfest on 16./17.06.2023: reservation period expires 12 weeks prior to the concert in question
  • Concerts in the Mahler Festival in May 2023: reservation period expires on 30.06.2022

For externally promoted events in the Gewandhaus

Depending on the respective promoter, booking conditions may differ from those stated above. Please contact us in the case of any queries; we will be happy to assist you.

We will be happy to advise you on the following highlights

  • Focus: Gewandhaus Composer Sofia Gubaidulina: In the Große Concerte on 17./18.11.2022, 12./13.01.2023 & 02./03.03.2023, chamber music concerts on 27.11.2022, 19.02.2023 & 11.06.2023, as well as the organ recital on 16. April 2023
  • Focus: Leipzig Salon Acquaintanceships: In the Große Concerte on 15./16./18.12.2022 and in the chamber music concerts on 05. and 07.05.2023
  • Focus: Boston Week: Lecture and chamber music on 21.09.22, chamber music on 25.09.22 and Große Concerte on 22./23.09.22
  • Mendelssohn Festival 31.10.–06.11.2022
  • Mahler Festival 18.–29.05.2023